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 5 Writings:(Television+Pollotion+Working Children+War+Working Women)

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MessageSujet: 5 Writings:(Television+Pollotion+Working Children+War+Working Women)   Mar 9 Aoû - 7:16


Television has became part of our every day life .what are its advantages and disadvantages?
On the one hand, TV has became the most influential means of the mass media because it has both sound and picture .it’s also the most popular source of information education and international , in brief TV brings the whole word to us.
One the other hand TV develops passive and lazy viewers .it also prevents communication between the members of the family besides students don’t their homwork and may became aggressive when they watch films of violence.


By polluting the atmosphere man is destroying this is happening through ignorance and short sight men
Of the ozone larger leads to many hazads such as diseuse rand global werming this rise in temportre , wish is due to carbon dicide from the smoke of factories and achast fames of whishes causes the meting of the polar ice the rive in sea level and change of the climats .
We should find solutions others wise living being will face the danger of extinction.

Working children

Child labour is one of the problems that many countries face, there are various causes that drive children to work some of them drop out of school in order to help their poor or sick parents others have to work because they are orphans. In addiction some parents are ignorant they think education is a waste of time.
Working children face a tough life; in factories and mines they work in bad conditions no fresh air, long hours they may be injured by machines they are also deprived of education and childhood.


Nowadays.we find a lot of countries whene there is war , between the effectes of these war . we find hunger and diseases.at the level of hunger it caused by the factories which closed, people can t find food because the way is closed and the probleme of destruction too .and at the level of diseases they are due to pollution of air and water like failed the bomb these bomb have a negative effect on the pollution.

Working women

Nowadays it is important for women to work outside the home because of economic reasons.Yet; this idea is still debated by many people. Some people argue that the family, especially small children, may be neglected. I believe that every woman has the right to work, but she should carefully consider the many problems she might encounter.
The major problems a working woman faces concern her children. She must either find a reliable person to look after them or a nursery school that the children can attend. But the big problem is that when the mother is at work, she may worry about her children. She may wonder if they are safe, if they are learning good values, and if her absence is hurting them emotionally.
After a mother takes into consideration all these problems above and perhaps other problems, she must decide if a job outside home is worth it.
I believe that in spite of all these obstacles, many mothers do work and manage a family successfully.
In Conclusion, it is a woman’s right to make this choice and only the woman herself should decide this matter.

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5 Writings:(Television+Pollotion+Working Children+War+Working Women)
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